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A wonderful tale of a table

This story starts in 1972 in a small village near Chelmsford in Essex England.  Bruce and I had recently moved into our tiny house with our baby boy. Bruce travelled to work in London by train.   Over the next 18 months we got ourselves some new furniture and a baby girl.  By the winter of 1973 times were looking pretty grim in the UK.  The IRA had increased their bombings in London targeting railway stations so there were many times Bruce was late getting home.  Also at this time the miners were on strike, we had power cuts with power off every four hours. Also all street lighting in the village was turned off.  We knew there had to be a better life for us in New Zealand so we got the ball rolling.  We arrived in New Zealand in March 1974.

We had our furniture shipped out and it included was a good solid dining table.  Unfortunately the table had been damaged with a long scratch along the top when a young family member thought it would be good fun to slide across it. The buckle on her belt put a deep scratch in the top.

We lived in Manurewa, Auckland for many years before being transferred by the bank Bruce worked for to Wellington. We set up house in Tawa and stayed there for over 20 years.  During this time our daughter Abbie got married in 2001 so we gave her some of our furniture including the table we had brought from England all those years ago.  Abbie and husband lived in Tawa before moving to Fielding, the table going with them.

In 2010 Abbie and family thought they would try their luck in Australia on the Sunshine Coast.  The table was included in the furniture that got shipped over.  However, after a few years there they knew they would rather be back in New Zealand so packed up and came back this time to Otumoetai in 2014. The table coming back with them.

In 2015 Bruce and I treated ourselves to a new dinning table and chairs and asked Abbie if she wanted our old ones.  She said yes and arranged for the old table with the scratch to be picked up by Restore. 

We don’t have any idea what happened to it from then but on Saturday Wendy and I went to the dedication of a new Habitat for Humanity home for a family.  Imagine my absolute amazement when I saw our old table in their house!  It was the same table with the scratch on it from all those years ago.  It was still solid but with a few more scrapes and knocks.  

See the photos of the table in 1974, note the on trend decor of the time, orange and brown, and the photo of the table now in the home of this lovely family.

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