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We are a Culturally Diverse Team Helping Culturally Diverse Local Families In Genuine Need

The Doing Good Foundation (formerly Habitat for Humanity BOP) is a not-for-profit, and a NZ registered charity which operates with Christian based values, with a sole focus in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. 

In the last 50 years altogether, the founders, directors and volunteers of the Doing Good Foundation have built over a hundred homes for families. During the last 25 years alone, 75 homes have been built for partner families in genuine need through the Assisted Home Ownership or Rent-to-Own model. 

The Foundation has 8 homes in the construction programme for this year. The Assisted Home Ownership Model is a rent-then-own model. A hand up, not a hand out.  

As seen above, for the last 25 years (of the 50 years) the Doing Good Foundation has operated under the Habitat for Humanity brand, however the founder directors had been very active for many years prior to Habitat and the purpose of the rebrand now is to ensure a strategic focus is maintained on building homes to house local Bay of Plenty families in genuine need.  

The Doing Good Foundation, historically, currently and for the future have always maintained a very transparent core focus on building houses for local BOP families in need. 

Tauranga is one of the highest house price cities relative to income in the world. Home unaffordability is rising rapidly, with many negative social consequences.  

Providing modest and affordable homes to needy families has a positive social impact for the wider community. In 2019, The 

Doing Good Foundation has 19 sections of land under development for housing, 6 homes under construction and another 2 homes in final planning to meet our target of 8 homes built for the year in the BOP. 

The Doing Good Foundation currently operates two business units:  

  •   Housing Families: Land development, building construction and partner families

  •   Charity Store:       Fraser Cove Tauranga retail operation – resale of donated goods

The Doing Good Foundation Charity Stores provide the essential funding for the Housing Families business unit to ensure the land development and building programme can continue to house local BOP families in genuine need.

  We have many long standing personnel, for example; two of the original founders are still active directors and volunteers.

During these 50 years, the directors and other valued volunteers have also 

led international relief teams and builds in third world countries.

The key performance indicator of success for the Doing Good Foundation is the strategic focus on housing local families in genuine need. 

During the founder's 50 years, which have been very successful; with our new position, the next 25 years we will achieve compounding growth in the building programme to ensure more local Bay of Plenty families in genuine need are able to live in modest, affordable homes.

You can help. To continue our good work we need volunteers, donations and support from the local community to ensure we can continue doing good.
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